$499.00 USD

[Subscription-First] Website Strategy Masterclass

You'll discover my strategy for building high-converting websites in the subscription-first e-Commerce industry for clients globally.

What you'll get:

  • Step-by-step training (14+ videos guiding you through building a website that WORKS
  • Strategies that work
  • Support in your journey


What People Are Saying:

I am just finishing up quite a large project with Alex Fleck with Zenith Online Marketing . The general scope of the project was to move to a full Subbly solution, from a previous Wix/Subbly combination. My high-level goals were to polish the site, giving it a more professional look, improve customer experience, and add a couple of additional products. Although I generally knew what I wanted, I was looking for an expert to get me there. Zenith exceeded my expectations. Alex provided me with the personalized service I was looking for. I was looking for an expert who made the effort to see me and my business clearly. I felt like Alex actually cared. Now on the other side, I can say for certain that Zenith is a knowledgable, full-service eCommerce agency. Alex is generous with sharing his expertise and experience. When required, he implemented custom designs and optimized existing functionality to suit my needs. He went above and beyond by offering advice and suggestions that will help grow my business. Any questions that he couldn’t answer, he took the initiative to seek solutions Alex and I were in different time zones, which was a concern to me. It turned out that working together was seamless by utilizing Alex’s collaboration tools and his flexibility in scheduling. Personally, Alex Fleck is just a really nice guy. From a business perspective, I found that he was super competent with Subbly, and had a wealth of experience in the subscription space . He knows his stuff - what works and what doesn’t. I feel pretty smart now…hiring Alex to help get Subbly working for me. (Thanks for the recommendation Andrija :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) Now I know that I am getting strong return on investment from this platform, freeing me up to focus on other business activities. Very, very positive experience overall.

Becky Wigemyr