Let's Get Subbly to Truly Work for Supercharge Your Business

The Subbly Masterclass provides the exact framework for the fast-track, revenue maximizing strategies and system hacks that nobody else is talking about (because they don't know 🤫) - Membership includes early access to unreleased Subbly features and a 7-day free trial of The Subbly Masterclass Community.


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Thomas Ansu, Founder The Burn Box, FD Collectors Club

"Im a beyond satisfied with Alex's expertise. I was able to completely revamp my website, and implement strategies that increased conversions massively, taking me to over 2000 subscribers. I highly recommend!"

What's Included In The Masterclass...


The Secrets To Subbly

Subbly is a phenomenal tool when you know how to leverage the very best of every feature, front end and back end, to make it work as a fluid business engine.

In my experience as a Subbly Certified Expert and consultant, I've developed a framework to execute a superior business engine that saves you hundreds of hours and optimizes everything you need, from the ground up, by marrying system blueprints with elite level marketing strategy (the best of both worlds!).

Here, you discover this roadmap for the first time.

  • Subbly hacks overview & my approach
  • A-Z Framework overview 
  • How to optimize Subbly correctly
  • The Subbly secrets overview

You’ll finish this module with the essential knowledge base for the Subbly system so you can build a platform that enhances your business from day one. 


The Secrets To High-Converting Websites

With this framework you'll see the difference in what makes a truly conversion-ready website and be able to implement it from day 1 on your own website assets using Subbly. 

  • Website Builder Hacks
  • Saving time & energy (go straight for killer content)
  • How to optimize layouts for success
  • Killer Popups for list building & engagement
  • All other key areas (e.g. anchors, Store page optimization, upsell/cross-sell strategy & implementation)
  • The cart widget

You’ll finish this module with a system you can follow in step by step formula to hit it out of the park on the front end of your site, with a machine geared for engagement, user flow and conversion, with a stunning aesthetic like the sites I build by hand, for clients 🥳


Revenue Boosters and Back-end Optimizations

How to setup automated marketing systems and tools to maximize AOV, nurture leads, reduce churn and optimize retention - ALL on autopilot and with mind-blowing results. 

  • Automations guides & strategies
  • Funnel strategy & recommended settings
  • Latest features & strategy (tested)
  • Surveys & user engagement
  • Add-on Upsells
  • AI Author

You’ll finish these sessions with your site automated for maximum revenue and AOV.

Becky Wigemyr, Owner, WildWest Kidz

"Alex exceeded my expectations. He provided me with the personalized service I was looking for. I was looking for an expert who made the effort to see me and my business clearly.
I felt like Alex actually cared. Alex is generous with sharing his expertise and experience.
He went above and beyond by offering advice and suggestions that will help grow my business.  Personally, Alex Fleck is just a really nice guy. From a business perspective, I found that he was super competent with Subbly, and had a wealth of experience in the subscription space. He knows his stuff - what works and what doesn’t. I feel pretty smart now…hiring Alex to help get Subbly working for me.
Now I know that I am getting strong return on investment from this platform, freeing me up to focus on other business activities. Very, very positive experience."

**The Subbly Masterclass, Subscription-first Website Masterclass, nor the upcoming "Subscription Secrets" courses are associated or affiliated with Subbly in any way.


Unique, step-by-step blueprints to build high-converting websites, funnels & back-end automated systems using Subbly


Discover the step-by-step subscription-first framework I use to achieve:

  • SEQUENCED SUBBLY OPTIMIZATION FROM GROUND UP - 7 days or less to a beautiful, high-impact website that converts. (the same strategy I use for my clients sites, globally).
  • HIGH-CONVERSION WEBSITES - Website builder hacks, tips and tricks for maximum efficiency.
  • AUTOMATIONS - Setup and optimize the automations that work to hook and maintain customers
  • FUNNELS - Setup & optimize funnels to maximize Average Order Value (AOV)
  • ESSENTIAL SETTINGS - Discover the key settings to maximize Subbly's power
  • NO FLUFF - Forget overwhelm, anxiety and confusion over too many articles and videos - This system takes you from A-Z in Subbly with no fluff or distraction.
  • Essential back-end optimizations training.
  • [FREE STRATEGY SESSION worth $97] Essential pages & features for subscription-first businesses
  • [FREE STRATEGY SESSION worth $97] Engagement strategies that work - Surveys & Groups
  • [FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD worth $197] - The $170k launch strategy case study
  • [FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD worth $47) - "Strategic Systematic Deployment 2.0"

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The Subbly Masterclass

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Who is your coach?

My name is Alex Fleck, I'm a Subbly Certified Expert with over 17 years experience in the digital marketing field and 13 in the subscription-first industry.

I own a digital marketing firm (Zenith Online Marketing) and we consult with Subbly businesses all over the globe to enhance and optimize their front end websites and back-end automation systems so that they can improve engagement, conversion, scalability and retention.

The Subbly Masterclass is a framework I have built through this experience for Subbly users (new and experienced) or those that want to stop the guess work and hit it out of the park from day one. You'll learn:

  • Build and maintain optimized websites like those shown below
  • Optimize your automations for maximal Average Order Value (AOV), customer retention and reduce churn.
  • Save $1,000's and 100's of hours in time spent guessing and hoping you're doing it "right".

With a simple shift in your approach you can instantly become a Subbly rockstar, using The Subbly Masterclass. 

This Masterclass Is Essential For You If...

  • You are using (or are planning to use) Subbly
  • You own or are launching a subscription first business
  • You want proven techniques for success
  • You need a rapid-launch system for your e-Commerce brand
  • You want to save tens or even hundreds of hours in learning curve.

Start building websites and systems which supercharge your business using Subbly

Please (PLEASE) stop settling for "out-of-the-box" templates, confusing user flows, clunky automations and overwhelm in the system. The Subbly Masterclass v2.0 creates a streamlined, roadmap of what to do, when and how, with all the very latest features and strategies we've tested, in order to build the optimal toolkit for your subscription-first business.